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Proxy Deprived?

Cry No More!

The Ultimate Proxy Leecher & Scraper is Here.

Proxy Storm is MUCH more than just another Proxy leecher.

Imagine if every 30 minutes you could have hundreds of totally fresh, verified, working proxies scraped automatically and...

saved to a file on your computer.

uploaded to your server.

Or, even emailed right to your inbox!

Would that not be an incredible time saver?

Evergreen Proxies Right to Your Inbox!

And, what if, rather than being a service that you pay for, month-after-month, year-after-year, you could get it FREE, for life!?

Well, that's exactly what you're about to experience the moment you download and install PROXY STORM, my latest creation.

Paying Monthly for Proxies?

Why Not Charge Others a Monthly Fee For Your Own Proxy Delivery Service, Instead!

You can even charge your own customers for delivering fresh scraped proxies to their inbox and earn a nice monthly residual income, by using Proxy Storm to manage your own, fully-automated, reliable, proxy delivery service!

And, believe it or not, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many tools nowadays that require fresh proxies to operate at full speed.

Types of Tools That Require YOU to Provide Proxies

Blog Commenters

Account Creators

Auto Posting Software

Social Commenting Tools

YouTube Boosters

MySpace Boosters

Facebook Automation Tools

User-Agent Stuffing Tools

Twitter Automation Software

...and, the list goes on.

Don't Forget About Backlinks!

If you have your own website and you want top rankings for your keywords, it's a given, you need backlinks and you need LOTS of them...

Lucky for us, there are MANY quality tools available to help us get those much-needed backlinks.

But, What Do These SEO Backlink Tools ALL Have In Common?

Magic Submitter



Brute Force Evo 2

Rank Builder

SEO Link Robot

SENuke X

Article Marketing Robot

Bookmarking Demon



Sick Submitter


Scrape Board

ANSWER: They are all HUNGRY MONSTERS that need to be fed fresh, working proxies around-the-clock or they simply won't work!

SEnuke X | SickSubmitter | ScrapeBox | ScrapeBoard

The following tools are fully supported by Proxy Storm making it dead simple to seamlessly deliver proxies directly to your favorite automation tools.

SEnuke X ScrapeBox

Scrape Board Sick Submitter

And, yes, these Proxy Storm plugins (featured below) come Stock (totally free) with your purchase.

Top 10 Proxy Related Questions...

Why do I need proxies?

Where do I find proxies?

HTTP Proxies? Socks Proxies? Huh?

Do I need Private, Dedicated or Exclusive proxies?

Is there anyway to get proxies without paying for them?

Do I use Elite proxies, Anonymous proxies, Transparent proxies?

What do all those different proxies do? How do I know what's right for me?

How much do I really need to spend? $50, $150, $400 or more per month on dedicated proxies?

What are some good FREE proxy sources?

Is it safe to use proxies?

Say Goodbye to Your Proxy Headache, Once And For All!

Finally, let someone answer all of your proxy-related questions!

I'll start by providing you with the ultimate proxy solution that is totally made with beginners AND professionals in mind, all under one roof!

Now, no matter what your skill level, you can freely go about your day doing what you're good at while leaving the menial tasks to your new best friend — Mr Proxy Storm Robot!

Lets not forget, proxies are definitely your friend and you...MUST

buy proxy leecher

...USE them IF you ever want to fully master automation tools!

Fortunately, as long as you have the RIGHT tools, proxies aren't at all difficult to find, test, use and benefit from.

And, the benefits are GINORMOUS!


Does the mere thought of proxies send you curling up in the fetal position sucking your thumb like a wittle baby? If so, don't worry... You're not alone.

The typical Internet marketer knows just enough about proxies to find himself waking up in jail with a splitting headache, blood on his shirt, no money, no memory of the night before wondering why in God's name there is a fresh tattoo on his ass that says, "Google was Here".


Truth is, proxies can be intimidating.

If you find yourself cringing everytime you hear the word 'proxy', it's time to sit back and relax for a change. Proxies are finally one-less-thing you have to worry about.

With Proxy Storm, all you need are 5-minutes of your time to fill-in your settings. Immediately your Proxy horror stories will be buried and forgotten and replaced by a lifetime of fresh proxies.

Proxy Storm delivers fresh proxies day-in, day-out, right to your inbox or to your server or even straight to your favorite automation tools like SEnuke X, Sick Submitter, ScrapeBox and more.

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Proxy Storm's Many Benefits and Features

Finally, no more scouring the web trying to dig through shady proxy sources on various creepy forums.

Forget about painfully researching, finding, copying and pasting huge lists of dead proxies into clunky proxy testers only to discover that all but 12 of your 2000+ proxies are DEAD! Nuh uh! No more!

No more paying $$$ monthly for dedicated proxies!

Stop using built-in, mediocre proxy scrapers that sometimes exist inside your automation tools. These proxy sources are being used by 100's if not 1000's of other users just like you and rarely work.

And, because proxies are only a small part of what these tools do, the tool creators simply do NOT put much effort into providing tools that discover, clean and deliver quality proxies.

Instead, you need a dedicated Proxy Tool that is up to the challenge. You need Proxy Storm!

Use our built-in proxy sources to scrape thousands upon thousands of quality proxies, every hour.

Proxy Storm is self-cleaning, just like your oven, no left over grease. Nothing but piping-hot, yummy, delicious proxy caserole.

Fully Automatic Mode can easily scrape and filter proxies from many built-in or custom sources, tasks will be run in order, automatically, ProxyStorm will then pause (based on your preferred interval) and then rinse and repeat.

Email proxies to yourself, your customers, your employees, your site members, etc, on a schedule.

Auto-save proxies to disk on a schedule

Upload results to your server on a schedule (txt file or CSV file)

Execute a macro: Advanced users can write macros in MS-Dos flavor or Python capable of integrating your proxies into just about any process of your liking

Funnel fresh proxies directly into your favorite automation software using Proxy Storm's built-in plugins

Built-in judges that automatically test your proxies performance on the web. Even test against Google and/or Twitter to ensure your proxies work well with your favorite automation tools.

Proxy Storm can be minimized to your task bar and run in the background.

Blacklist or exclude IPs with wildcard and/or regular expressions.

Checks for updates and updates your software with the push of a button when new updates are launched. With lifetime free upgrades, you can't go wrong!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I'm so confident that by using the ProxyStorm Software, you will not only LOVE the quality of the product and how easy is is to use, but I will give you a 100% REFUND of the purchase price if you try it out and are unhappy in any way!

That's right! If you you are unhappy with Proxy Storm, I will GLADLY refund 100% of your money!


Oh, And There's More...

If you buy right now, I'm going to throw in another powerful automation tool, absolutely free...

Check it out...

If you act right now, you'll also get the powerful YouTube Hit Machine absolutely free!

The Ultimate Bonus!

YouTube Hit Machine is literally a $250 product but today I'm throwing it in for free as my way of educating you on what types of things are possible with the Macro features of Proxy Storm.

YouTube Hit Machine is a uBot Studio macro developed solely for Proxy Storm customers. It's available nowhere else.

This powerful bot is capable of cranking out 1000's of views to any YouTube video using proxies pulled straight from Proxy Storm. And, Proxy Storm's built-in features make YouTube Hit Machine possible!

How Does YouTube Hit Machine Work?

1. Proxy Storm starts off by discovering 1000's of fresh proxies.

2. ProxyStorm's macro functions will then automatically fire up YouTube Hit Machine.

3. YouTube Hit Machine will then proceed to send 100's upon 100's of hits from unique IP addresses to your YouTube videos (increasing your video's popularity rating in the process).

4. Once all of your fresh proxies have been exhausted, YouTube Hit Machine will shut down.

5. Finally, ProxyStorm will find new, fresh proxies and pause any length of time you like, before rinsing and repeating.

...All 100% hands free and fully automated!

Disclaimer: Proxy Storm is in no way affiliated with YouTube Hit Machine is purely for educational purposes only. YouTube Hit Machine may go against the YouTube Terms of Service and could possibly result in your YouTube account being banned. Use at your own risk. We do not provide technical support for this product. That said, it is good and it does work.

"ProxyStorm Software Download!"

Final Checklist of Things to Remember...

Proxy Storm is a Windows Tool that runs on your PC or Laptop

SENuke-X, Scrapebox, Sick Submitter and other tools sold separately (optional).

Proxy Storm can be run in the background while you do other things.

Proxy lists can be saved in TXT or CSV format.

Automate and Schedule saving new freshly found proxies to your PC.

Automate uploading new proxies via FTP to your own server. Great for Scrapebox and other Automation tools that have the ability to pull external proxies from a web page.

Schedule emails to be sent to your inbox containing fresh, new working proxies as often as you like.

By now, I hope you understand the great VALUE this software is and why its SO IMPORTANT that you get your hands on Proxy Storm TODAY!

All you need to do is ORDER NOW!!

Hi, I'm Gerry Cramer, the owner behind Proxy Storm. I think you'll find ProxyStorm to be extremely valuable and easy to use and if you run into any problems, we have a team standing by to offer top of the line support!

If by some freak turn of events I'm wrong and you DO NOT simply LOVE Proxy Storm, you can simply return it within 30-Days for a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


P. S. Don't forget, I am here to help! And, you'll find a users manual right at the top of this page. All training material is 100% FREE to help you GET SETUP and GET STARTED using Proxy Storm within minutes!

ProxyStorm brought to you by Eatworm Software

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